Copiers, Ink.
5636 Gessner
Houston, Texas 77041
Office: 713.898.2200


Buying in bulk is not for everyone. If you’re a small company there is no need for more than a few office machines. At Copiers Ink. we understand, so we make our refurbished office machines available to everyone. Not every business can afford more than what they need, and we are here to serve all types of businesses, big or small.

The quality of our service reflects in the quality of our products. We do not sale a product that we would not buy ourselves. If it does not meet our expectations it won’t meet yours, so we will not sell it to you. A lot of wholesale consumers get what they want because of the quantity they buy, and retail consumers get left with products that are not in the best shape. We will not disappoint our retail customers by doing so. Your business means as much to us as our wholesale consumers.

Copiers Ink. has a variety of refurbished copiers, facsimiles, printers, and toners at affordable prices. We can help you find the perfect machine for your business. With the proper office machines your business can flourish. All of our staff members are highly knowledgeable, and can aid you in the process of finding the proper machine for your needs.

There is no need to go about finding the right office machines blindly. No business is too small, and a smaller business should never be overlooked. We offer the same courteous and professional service to all our customers whether they need one copier or 20 copiers. Our retail customers have the same products to choose from as our wholesale customers. Retail pricing is still within any company’s budget. Copiers Ink. does not hike up the prices for our customers that do not need to buy in bulk. We appreciate all our customers equally. If you have any further questions about our retail services email us.

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