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Buying Used Copiers: Refurbished Copiers Offer Excellent Quality at Affordable Prices

With the rising costs of office equipment, many businesses are turning to used copiers as a way to save on their operating budgets. These refurbished copiers can be a dependable components of your office equipment. Before you decide to buy these used copies, take note of a few important aspects of making this type of purchase:

  • Beware of all-in-ones: All-in-one machines that can print, scan and fax are suitable for home offices only. The per-copy prices for these machines are actually much higher than other types of refurbished printers, and they really cannot handle the heavy volume of business offices.

  • Check the numbers: Professional copiers have built-in counters for tracking total usage. Be sure to check these counters yourself rather than simply trusting the numbers given by the office equipment dealer.

  • Choose your dealer carefully: The dealer you choose to work with should have experienced in dealing with used copiers and should understand what it means to offer customers truly refurbished copiers.

Remember the “refurbished” means way more than simply cleaned! An office equipment dealer who just wipes down the outside of used copiers and make sure they work is not offering quality products. Besides a thorough cleaning, refurbished copiers should have all worn parts replaced and should also be fully inspected for any foreseeable malfunctions. Be sure you know exactly what you need your office equipment to do and how demanding your office will likely be prior to making a final purchase. An experienced used copiers dealer will then help you decide what model and what condition is appropriate for your business.

Refurbished copiers should also come with a warranty of some kind; usually the dealer will offer one that lasts one to three months. Remember that you don’t have to settle for a minimal warranty—you can try to ask for an extension. Whether the office equipment dealer agrees to it or not, you are smart to try to protect your expensive investment. If a maintenance agreement is available, it will definitely be worth it, as these agreements will typically cover such parts as the belts and the drum. “As-is” used copiers are almost never worth the deep discounts, because you will likely end up spending more on repairs and upkeep for this type of office equipment than you would on fully refurbished copiers.

The staff at Copiers Ink. has been serving the Greater Houston Area for a combined 50 years. We specialize in quality refurbished copiers and fax machines, and we know that our customers depend on us to stock the absolute best in this type of office equipment. Our customers are impressed to learn that we offer an incredible one year warranty on our refurbished copiers, a true sign of our commitment to excellent customer service. Besides used copiers and faxes, Copiers Ink. carries a full line of toner and ink, which means you can find everything you need to run a smooth office right here. Call us today at 713.690.6446 and let us help you save money and meet your customers’ needs at the same time.

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