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Houston Office Equipment: How to Stock your Small Business Office without Breaking your Budget

So you’ve decided to start a small business and are beginning to prepare your office. You find a building that is perfect and you begin the process of moving in and turning it into the site of your professional success. Aside from all of the advertising, stocking and paperwork it takes to really get your business moving, you will need quality office equipment. In fact, you will need these copiers, printers and faxes to complete that important paperwork! Stocking your small business office can be very expensive, which is why a Houston office equipment supplier should help you consider the following before you get started:

  • Be realistic about the equipment you need to buy. While you may not think that you will be making an enormous number of copies, many small businesses are surprised by the amount of paperwork running a small business requires. Most Houston office equipment suppliers suggest that small businesses steer clear of inexpensive all-in-ones, which do not provide efficient nor high quality copies. On the other hand, a large, high speed copier may be inappropriate and too costly for your new small business. Spend some time going over your options with your Houston office equipment supplier.
  • Consider refurbished copiers and other office equipment. One of the best ways to save money stocking your small business office is by purchasing refurbished equipment. As long as you buy it from a reputable supplier, you can enjoy the same performance as you would get from new equipment, at a fraction of the price.
  • Set up a regular toner delivery. Everyone knows the frustration of slowly running out of toner, frantically hoping that those fading copies will not look too bad as you run off a project for a major client. The truth is that you are too busy to keep track of the toner levels in your small business office. It is much easier to set up a regular toner delivery schedule based on how frequently you uses your copier and printers.
  • Read the fine lines about your equipment’s warranty. Many warranties for Houston office equipment only cover particular aspects of your products, such as belts; which means that you will be out of substantial funds if other parts of the system break down. Ask questions about which parts are covered by the warranty, and of course be clear about how long the warranty will last. This knowledge is particularly helpful when you have purchased refurbished Houston office equipment. You can also ask if there is a way to purchase a warranty extension for your small business office machines.
  • Establish a good relationship with your Houston office equipment company. Perhaps the most important factor to keep in mind as you decide where to purchase your equipment is how comfortable you feel with the staff at the supplier. How knowledgeable are the salespeople? How experienced are they? Will they deliver your small business office equipment and toner? Do they know how to safely ship your items, if necessary? At Copiers Ink., we stand ready to answer these questions with confidence. Our staff is able to get your small business office prepared for success, so call us today at 713-690-6446. We will help you choose which equipment you need to keep your office productive and within budget.

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