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Houston Copiers

Copiers are an essential element for businesses. They are the way to get every employee the information they need to keep your business running smoothly. If you do not have your own copier, copying somewhere else can get expensive. Some places will see that you are in dire need of copies, and they know they are the only place nearby to copy, so they will charge you as much as they can.

Our copiers are of great quality. Although they are refurbished copiers, they are still the best machines for your business’ needs. Our black and white copiers not only come with a one-year warranty, but we also offer a year of free toner! Our color copiers come with a one-year warranty to guarantee the quality of our products. The price includes service and supplies!

Our refurbished copiers can handle the same amount of work as a new copier for a fraction of the cost. At Copiers Ink. our goal is to get your business going. To get the word out about your company you can make brochures and catalogs with your own copier for a lot less. Most of our network copiers can copy, print, and scan all in one. Even if you live outside the greater Houston area you can still buy any of our office equipment at their low prices because they can be connected to any network.

Houston Copier

Your company is your number one priority, and we acknowledge that. It is the reason why we have a wonderful support team to help you when you need it the most. When you need someone to fix a copier, or if you feel it is time to buy a new copier, we can help. If you are not sure as to what copier is best for your needs let us know what your documentary demands are, and we can help you make a decision. We will suggest a product that will fulfill your copying needs without exceeding your budget.

Having your own company can become a little pricey. We have made it easy to purchase, lease, rent, or rent-to-own the copier necessary to help your business grow. For more information on our refurbished copiers call or email us.

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